What Will It Cost

Home Inspection Services

At AccuPro Inspection Services we inspect our clients’ homes as if we were purchasing them for ourselves, realizing that an unidentified defect could potentially cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in future maintenance or repair.   The cost of a home inspection is primarily dependent upon the size and age of the home.  Other factors may also affect the cost, such as pools and spas, out buildings, etc.  We spend an average of three to four hours in each home. inspecting every structure thoroughly and provide you with a comprehensive narrative style report.  We also include photos of any major defects to illustrate our findings.  In addition, we encourage you to join our inspector during the inspection so that he can explain things first-hand, show you the operation of the various home systems and answer your questions.  We also upload the report to a password protected Internet site so that you may easily share it with your Realtor or other interested parties, and are available to answer any additional questions once you’ve had the opportunity to read the entire report .

The AccuPro Home Inspector has completed extensive formal training at Arizona Sun Tech, the oldest and largest home inspection training facility in the Arizona.  In addition, he has passed a rigorous exam, performed extensive inspections under the supervision of experts and passed a State Review Board.  He belongs to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO) and is also a Certified Residential Mold Inspector (CRMI).  This training and experience enables him to provide you with the highest level of inspection services. The benefits that you will receive from an AccuPro home inspection will far exceed the cost. 

Home Inspection Fees

Size of HomeFee
  Up  to 1499 Sq. Ft.$250
  1500 – 1999 Sq. Ft.$270
  2000 – 2499 Sq. Ft.$295
  2500 – 2999 Sq. Ft.$330
  3000 – 3499 Sq. Ft.$365
  3500 – 3999 Sq. Ft.$400
  4000 – 4499 Sq. Ft.$450
  4500 – 4999 Sq. Ft.$525
  Over   5000 Sq. Ft.Call
Age of Home (Additional Fee)
  Built Before 1991$ 25
  Built Before 1976$ 50
  Built Before 1961$ 75
 Mobile or Manufactured Home (Additional Fee)$ 50
Optional Items
  Evaporative Cooler (if in addition to AC)  $ 25
  Pool$ 40
  Spa$ 30
  Pool & Spa$ 60
  Water Feature (fountain, waterfall, etc.)$ 25
  Outdoor Fireplace or BBQ$ 25
Out Buildings
   – Without Utilities$ 25
   – With Utilities$ 75
   – Guest House$150

Indoor Environmental Testing Services

Mold Inspections and Allergen/Particulate Screening services may be performed independent of, or in conjunction with, a Home Inspection.  If performed in conjunction with a Home Inspection we are able to offer our clients a savings.

Please see our section on Environmental Testing for detailed information on the scope of work performed for the following services.  Arizona does not currently require certification for mold inspectors, therefore the level and quality of service provided will vary greatly between companies.  We are IESO certified and perform  complete and comprehensive inspections to the IESO standards.

Inspection and Testing Fees — At time of Home Inspection

Mold Inspection and TestingFee
Level I Assessment – 1st Area*  $150
                             – Additional Areas*$150
Level II Assessment – 2 Samples$225
                             – Additional Samples$100
Allergen & Particulate Screening$225
Radon Testing$150
– Additional Samples$100

Inspection and Testing Fees — Without a Home Inspection

 Mold Inspection and TestingFee
Level I Assessment – 1st Area*$250
                             – Additional Areas*$150
Level II Assessment – 2 Samples
  Up  to 1499 Sq. Ft.$365
  1500 – 1999 Sq. Ft.$365
  2000 – 2499 Sq. Ft.$395
  2500 – 2999 Sq. Ft.$475
  3000 – 3499 Sq. Ft.$475
  3500 – 3999 Sq. Ft.$550
  4000 – 4499 Sq. Ft.$600
  4500 – 4999 Sq. Ft.$675
  Over   5000 Sq. Ft.Call
                             – Additional Samples$100
Allergen & Particulate Screening$275
Radon Testing$225
– Additional Samples$100

 * Each Level 1 area includes two swab or lift-tape samples per area.